Subject: Beufort Wilderbourne's newest competishun!!!!
Date: 12 November 2009 16:42:55 GMT
To: you

Congratulations Friend,

You have been sellectked to take apart in our brand new competition that has been launched online. Do you like money?? are you lucky man??? do you even have a credit card numbers???? well congratulatuns you are very close to win millions of your currency in minutes.

and hey you think... "what do I have to do to win thiese money from the internet??" well I can answer that quesion right now in fact!

Somebody out there has got the lucky credit card numbers . All you need to do to see if you have those numbers is send me your credit card numbers and you will reseev a email telling you if you WIN!!!

easy as that? YES

How many? MILLIONS

but holdon... why is B. T. wilderbourne gives away money ina fantastick new competition???????

well......... he's an billionaire!!! did made his money sellling his famous"anti-semitic footwear" in Arabia and malaysia and wrote a famous televission show in indonesia called " That shall require medical attention " now makes competishuns on the internat for lucky credit cards numbers!!!!

It's the greatest competition since the one that was sooooo good it made the soveit union collaps.


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so what the heck do you wait!!!!!

just send your credt card numbers to me and you will find otu if you win millions!!!!!

re member theyre are 16 numbers on youre card. 16 numbers. and you have to send them all if you want to win AND you should also include your expiry date and cvv number.

"Heythere, what is my cvv number" you are asking me?? okay okay, well youre cvv number is very important. it is the last 3 didgets on the back of youre card!!!!!

"can i play if I have a american ekspress card????" you ask me !!!!!